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Vanguard Initiative New Growth through Smart Specialisation

Vanguard is the initiative of several European regions focussed on modern manufacturing technologies (smart specialisation). The participating regions aim to work together to bring into effect a better coordinated innovation policy at the European level. Saxony will work closely with other regions to develop project proposals in the area of advanced production technologies and will encourage the European Commission to consider new funding support programmes. It is our objective that Saxon companies and research institutions play a major role in the realisation of cross-country pilot plant Projects.

The Vanguard Initiative »New Growth through Smart Specialisation« has, since its launch, grown to encompass 29 partner regions today.

Conference »Vanguard Initiative - New Business Opportunities for European Industry« 26. - 27. October 2017 in Saxony (Leipzig, Chemnitz)

Finale presentations

Presentations – Best Practice



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